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Studio Roof Project

In April 2015 we embarked on the renovation, now simply referred to as the "Roof Project". This is an exciting R30 million faith project to step into the next expansion God has in store for His Kingdom. The Gospel will be spread, as it has for the past decade, via many television channels, from the Studio in East London to the farthest corners of the globe. To find out more please visit and sow into God's vision.

Paws and Tales

Introducing the animated series Paws and Tales. It takes kids into the exciting world of a group of friendly forest animals - C.J., Staci, Ned, Gooz, and Marsha, as they embark on a host of imaginative, fun-filled adventures in the vibrant community of Wildwood. Paws & Tales engages children 3-7 in stories that help them gain age appropriate biblical knowledge. Each episode features original sing-along songs and meaningful stories that make the core lesson fun and memorable. As a ministry of Insight for Living, Paws and Tales provides parents with practical tools that help establish, equip, and engage their children in ongoing spiritual formation. Each story includes resources that encourage parents to help their children understand and apply God's principles.